Work Package 2: European Optical Long-Baseline Interferometry Software System

The Interferometry JRP will develop a dedicated software package for the analysis of data from optical / infrared interferometry. This package will be developed according to quality standards used in comparable industrial efforts, under the supervision of a Software Project manager and is referred to as the European Optical Long-Baseline Interferometry (OLBI) software system. A user Support group will be established throughout the lifetime of the project (WP2.1).

The new data analysis package will contain utilities for input / output, general data manipulation such as sort / merge, data display and editing routines (WP2.2). It will provide tools for fitting simple geometrical models to sparse data sets, and to estimate best-fit parameters of physical source models (WP2.3). It will provide facilities for astrometric data reduction, which includes routines to determine the interferometer and source geometry from the data, to determine stellar proper motions and parallaxes, and to fit orbits of binary stars and planetary companions (WP2.4). A variety of image reconstruction algorithms will be offered, based on adaptations of familiar existing methods and on new techniques optimized for use with optical interferometer data (WP2.5)

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