Work Package 1: Advanced instruments

WorkPackage 1.1: Concepts to Predesign  Studies

The new interferometers are currently being equipped with first-generation focal-plane instruments, which have consciously been designed to be relatively simple and limited in their capabilities. The participants will support up to eight initial studies for advanced instruments, which cover a wide range of concepts. These studies will identify the most promising of these concepts, and assess their technical and financial viability. The highest-priority concepts will be studied in more detail through feasibility and pre-design studies (WP1.1).

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WorkPackage 1.2: CoPhasing Algorithms

The sensitivity of fringe trackers is one of the most important characteristics of an interferometer. Improvements over the current state of the art can be achieved mainly in two areas: fringe tracking algorithms and detectors. Fringe tracking algorithms optimized for the particular operating conditions of large facilities will improve the co-phasing ability beyond those of the current adaptations from small-aperture interferometers. The Interferometry JRP will develop optimized co-phasing algorithms (WP1.2).

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