The KickOff was held at BOSCOLO ATLANTIC HOTEL IN NICE on 7 and 8 January 2004

Minutes of the Meeting
WP1.1 Minutes
WP2 Minutes


Wednesday January 7th (13h30 - 19h30):
Thursday January 8th (8h30 - 13h00) :
Thursday January 8th (14h00 - 17h30) :


- Pascal Ballester (ESO, Data division management)
- Eric Bakker (Leiden, PM)
- Lajos Balazs (KO)
- Alain Chelli (LAOG, Coordinator of JRA4)
- John Davies (Edinburgh, PM of OPTICON)
- Gilles Duvert (LAOG, WPL of JRA4/WP2)
- Malcom Friedlund (ESA)
- Mario Gai (Torino, WPL of JRA4/WP1)
- Paolo Garcia (CAUP, Coordinator of Marie-Curie actions)
- Andreas Glindemann (ESO)
- Uwe Graser (MPIA, WPL of JRA4/WP1)
- Chris Haniff (UCAM, Contributor to WP2; PI of project WP1.1/C3)
- Thomas Henning (MPIA, Chairman of the SC)
- Josef Hron (UNIVIE)
- Pavel Koubsky (ASCR)
- Lucas Lara (IAC, Observer)
- Olivier Lardière (Arcetri Observatory; PI of project WP1.1/C2)
- Mario Lattanzi (Torino)
- Bruno Lopez (OCA, PI of project WP1.1/B2)
- Fabien Malbet (LAOG, PI of project WP1.1/C1)
- Guy Monnet (ESO)
- Denis Mourard (OCA, WPL of JRA4/WP1)
- Andrzej Niedzielski (NCU, WPL of N5)
- Guy Perrin (LESIA, PI of project WP1.1/A1;Contributor to JRA/WP2)
- Romain Petrov (UNSA, WPL of N5; PI of project WP1.1/D1)
- Erez Ribak (TECHNION)
- Didier Queloz (UNIGE)
- Andreas Quirrenbach (Leiden, Coordinator of N5; PI of project WP1.1/B1)
- Gerard Rousset (ONERA, Contributor to JRA/WP2)
- Jean Surdej (Ulg, WPL of N5)
- Eric Thiebaut (CRAL, Contributor to JRA/WP2)
- Farrokh Vakili (UNSA, Director of LUAN)
- Jean-Claude Valtier (OCA, Director of Fresnel Lab)
- J. W. Van den Herder (SRON, PI of project WP 1.1/C4)
- Sandrine Vignon (LAOG, Secretary of JRA4)
- Oswald Wallner (University of Technology, Vienna)
- Gerd Weigelt (MPfR)
- G. Wiedemann (U. Jena, PI of project WP1.1/D2)
- Gerard Zins (LAOG, PM of JRA4/WP2)

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