Deliverables for WP 2

WP2.2: The library for WP2.2 is called MCS. Its documentation is available here. The library is available for download on our cvs server, please mail to get an access to our repository.

WP2.3: the Model Fitting Software issued from JRA4 effort has been presented at the EII's schools (see e.g., the Goutelas School presentation). In its JRA4 version it is available at CRAL upon request. The effort post-JRA4 has been pursued at JMMC and a completely new version is available for the community here.

WP2.5: The Cambridge Group has delivered the BSMEM software. See the documentation for JRA4. BSMEM is available at the Cavendish Astrophysics Laboratory. The ONERA has released WIZARD and Eric Thiébaut from CRAL maintains MIRA, available on request from Eric.